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Bucket List Conqueror

Success is a journey, not a destination.

A Bucket List Conqueror?

I am known as the Bucket List Conqueror because I decided at age 60 that life wasn’t over. I made bold and courageous decisions to not let life pass me quietly by. I was challenged to make a list of things that I still wanted to accomplish in my life. In the past 5 years, I have crossed off 32 out of 50 items on my list.

What’s your Big Dream? Why are you here?

Time knocks on our door and things suddenly slow down a bit. Are you looking for a fresh perspective? It might be time to reset your inner clock. I can help to inspire you to reevaluate your dreams, aspirations, goals, intentions, plans, habits, and every other element on which you build your reality. Maybe this is your cue to consider starting anew. Perhaps the next phase is long overdue? Trust the magic of new beginnings – such is the message this season.

$95 per hour

Introductory Mentoring

Individual sessions tailored to meet your specific needs. Learn from someone who has the bruises to prove she has been there and risen above the mediocrity of life.

Laptop opened to a resume

$97 per hour

Professional Résumé Creation and Review

Work together to either craft a resume or fine-tune your current one. A 45-minute session over Zoom to talk about and start writing your resume. Two resume reviews are included in this offering in addition to the Zoom session.

Get additional support on:

  1. Resume reviews
  2. LinkedIn profile review
  3. Transferrable skills exploration
  4. Interview prep
  5. Remote business start-up support
  6. General Q&A
  7. And more!

“Live life to the fullest and make a difference along the way.”

Meet Kelley

Howdy, I am Kelley and Princess Leia’s mom, my cat. My story is too long to encapsulate in a single paragraph or webpage. In fact, my brother and father were originally going to write a screenplay about my life. It then became a mini-series as I continued on my journey. Now I think we would need to contract with George Lucas so that we would be able to plan for a series of full-length films!

Featured partners

These are the game changers in my life.

I am compelled to “Pay It Forward” to inspire people to visualize their purpose, uncover their gifts, and encourager. These partners helped me discover my passion and they can help you too!
How to Get Remote Work

How to Get Remote Work to Have a Flexible Lifestyle

By founder Camille Attell

Camille changed my life and the way I look at work! A little over three years ago, I took her first course. It was a game-changer for me. I completed her program in record time and have never looked back. We work together to help others. Whether you want to learn how to successfully navigate the remote work world or test a business idea of your own, we can help.